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It can be this beautiful

Top-quality materials

Quality is a choice

Not afraid to stand out? AND you love quality? Just look, and your eye for detail will see exactly what you want: only the highest quality natural materials such as wood, felt and stainless steel – inside AND out.

Sustainable design

Uncompromising enjoyment

The full-fledged outdoor kitchen, the king-size top mattress under the spectacular panoramic roof with a luxury mosquito screen, the silent air conditioning, and the solar panels. Everything has been perfectly conceived and sustainably selected. So that nothing stands in the way of a LUME Traveler being your companion for life.​


Innovative technology

Simple ‘n’ smart

Behind its iconic look, there’s a surprising amount of innovative technology at your disposal. The outdoor kitchen opens at the press of a button. When lounging in bed, you can conjure up a starry sky with a flick of your finger. And the hydraulic E&P system automatically ensures your mobile hotel suite will stay on the level.​


Together in style

Go wherever you want. For as long as you want. But always in style. Your own style. With all the time in the world to enjoy delicious food, a good night’s sleep and whatever else makes you truly happy.

Mastery over every detail

Pure perfection.

Robust but refined. The LUME Traveler mixes legendary looks with unsurpassed attention to finesse. The result? A luxurious caravan in pure perfection. Down to the smallest detail.​


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