A legend you have to see, smell and feel to experience what it can do to you.

Ready for a 1000 star experience?

Sleep under the stars at the touch of a button. On a mattress that most spoilt hotel guests can only dream of. Take your finger-licking good kitchen with you wherever you go. You could call it luxury. Yet for LUME owners it is simply standard. The air, the relaxation, that feeling that you get that anything is possible, and nothing is mandatory. It’s all included and within easy reach.

Experiencing the LUME yourself or just keeping up with our feelgood-news?

Feel free to ask for a trial night. Then we’ll organise a meeting with the LUME in your neighbourhood as soon as possible. Or maybe even at your own home… Just want to keep up with our Traveler news? No problem! Just tick the box that makes you happy.


Feel free to discover more LUME at www.lumetraveler.com