The SHELL is for those who want to build their personal LUME Traveler.
You can do this all by yourself, but we can also assist you.


Width: 2030 mm

Height: 2050 mm

Length incl. drawbar: 5170 mm

Weight: 600Kg

Load capacity: 700Kg

Thickness floor/roof/wall: 40mm/33mm/33mm


Strong and lightweight

Thanks to its aluminium ‘sandwich construction’ and the elements specifically designed for the trailer, the LUME Traveler is not only properly insulated, but also has a real character of its own.

The LUME combines state-of-the-art design with a rugged simplicity and modern technology.

The use of blind rivets stands out. The construction is self-supporting and mounted onto a top-notch KNOTT chassis.


The SHELL is delivered without a kitchen. When opening the rear door, you can enter the LUME like you would through the side door. That way, you can transport a motorcycle or kart with the LUME. Or you could turn it into a food truck. The possibilities are endless.


Tire size: 185/60 R15

Rim size: 5.5 x 15

The Shell is there for those who want to customise it or use it for marketing purposes.

from €27,250


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