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LT540 No.1

The feeling that nothing is missing

The Complete

The LT540 No.1 has it all. Adult dimensions, a sofa, air conditioning and solar panels. And, of course, an ultra-comfortable 180 x 200cm bed under the spectacular panoramic roof with its luxury mosquito screen. The big brother of The Original is at home everywhere it goes.

The chef-quality outdoor kitchen offers fantastic cooking with three PITT-cooking gas hobs, a fridge within easy reach and a stainless-steel worktop with a large, integrated sink.​


Interior and materials

The interior of the LT540 No.1 also shows how complete it is. The real wooden floor and felt walls form a stylish ensemble. Giving you that luxurious feeling you only get when you see just how carefully everything has been conceived.

Specifications LT540 No.1
Width 250 cm
Height incl. canopy 270 cm
Length incl. Drawbar 694 cm
Empty weight 2200 kg
Total weight 2500 kg
Thickness of floor 40 mm
Thickness of walls 33 mm
Thickness of roof 33 mm
Tire size 215/75 R16
Rim size 16″
Price €119.950,-

Price in euro’s, including VAT; options and delivery costs excluded. March 2022, subject to changes and apparent errors and subject to the conclusion of a written agreement.

Knowing that things are just right

When everything is just the way it should be.

Relaxation comes naturally when you know that everything is just right. Everything is just the way it should be. All around you, and between the two of you. Whether you’re cooking under the starry sky, languidly contemplating the Milky Way, or ‘just’ enjoying each other’s company.

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