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New: LT540 Nordic

New: LT540 Nordic

After the success of the LT360 No.1 and the LT540 No.1, we launched the LT540 Nordic at the beginning of 2022. With the same distinct design and with the same quality materials, the LT540 Nordic offers an ‘all-year-round’ experience. The kitchen, like the other models equipped with PITT cooking burners, is placed inside. This makes this LUME Traveler ideal for the adventurer who wants to go out in early spring. Even winter sports in the Alps are possible with the LT540 Nordic. With the smart heating system, your comfort is guaranteed even under the most extreme conditions. Of course, the LT540 Nordic does have our unmistakable panorama roof, so you still have a 1000-star experience!

Estate fair Marienwaerdt

Estate fair Marienwaerdt

At an exclusive estate fair such as the one at Heerlijkheid Marienwaerdt in Beesd, an eye-catcher such as the LUME Traveler should of course not be missed. And this edition, from 17 to 21 August, we will even be there with two models! Our LT360 No.1 and our LT540 Nordic can be admired there. The estate will be transformed into a fairground where visitors can experience real outdoor life for five days and can enjoy live music, delicious and honest dishes and products and everything that makes outdoor life pleasant. From our LUME Travelers we are happy to provide you with information, of course accompanied by a small snack. You will find us at stand R23, near the Ring with terraces and the Landgoedwinkel. Are you tempted by LUME Traveler at Landgoedfair Marienwaerdt?

Launch new website

Launch new website

Three masterpiece models perfected down to the smallest detail naturally deserve a website that is equally complete and attractive. We are therefore proud to present this brand-new website. With the most beautiful glimpses into the relaxed life of a Traveler. The most luxurious LUME moments. And of course, all the inspiring information that fans of the living legend could wish for. Have we succeeded? We think so. But please do take a look at the world of new travel with your own eyes. And rediscover the luxury of freedom. From the first seductive video to the last beautiful picture…

Lume in the media

Stylish, comfortable and manoeuvrable

Stylish, comfortable and manoeuvrable

Publication date 17 june 2021
The LUME Traveler looks stylish, comfortable and manoeuvrable for an optimal experience of freedom.
We are almost neighbours… The ETC Design Center Europe is the exclusive, Dutch interior platform that inspires, informs and initiates traders and consumers in the field of furniture, wall coverings, window coverings, floors and other home furnishings. The business centre in Culemborg contains no less than 120 showrooms that together represent more than 500 brands, which display their finest items from the higher segment. Len de Koster, director of ETC, is very impressed with LUME Traveler. “It is an exclusive design caravan, it is pure craftsmanship in a limited edition. When you walk through the factory, you get excited about what they are building by hand,” says Len de Koster.

Financieel Dagblad

Financieel Dagblad

Publication date 8 may 2021
A luxury caravan of a Dutch manufacturer
The Saturday supplement ‘FD Personal’ of the leading Dutch financial newspaper; Financieel Dagblad, is known for its stylish look at innovations and the latest product trends. We are proud that LUME Traveler is listed as a design caravan with the comfort of a hotel room!

Caravan de luxe

Caravan de luxe

Publication date 6 may 2021
In issue 52 of their weekly podcast, the German journalists from pay attention to LUME Traveler. A quote from their Instagram account: Rather 100,000 stars in the sky than 5 stars on the hotel door. We couldn’t agree more!


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