LUME Traveler No.1 down payment

58,850.00 5,000.00


Item Price
LUME Traveler No.1 48.500,-
Exterior Roof: Open roof 0,-
Exterior Roof: Roll-up insect screen 0,-
Exterior Roof: Solar panel 100W 0,-
Exterior Rear tent: Open tent 2.500,-
Exterior Extras: Top cupboards kitchen 0,-
Exterior Extras: Marquise 520,-
Interior Finish: Wool felt upholstery 0,-
Interior Floor: Linoleum -1.000,-
Interior Rear wall: Linen -1.650,-
Furniture Inside furniture: Full wood + base cabinets -600,-
Furniture Door and windows: Felt door with storage pouches 0,-
Furniture Door and windows: Roll-up curtains of 2mm felt 0,-
Furniture Kitchen: Stainless-steel countertop 0,-
Kitchen equipment: PITT Cooking 0,-
Cooler: Cooler (40 liters) 0,-
Tech: Mobile WiFi 350,-
Audio equipment: Audio 7 speakers Bose 2.100,-
Total 50.720,-