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In love with Lume

”The Lume is perfectly planned, you can live generously without lacking space. Our Traveler arouses great interest wherever we go. Our enthusiasm is great there!”

A. Stigler
LT540 Nordic

”I think I should make a LUME Blog. We love it! I haven’t seen so many stars at night before.”

S. Knoll
LT360 No.1

“If James Bond would go camping he’d be in this.”

D. Dusseldorp
LT540 No. 1

“You can safely say that the construction borders on perfection.”

W. de Roos

Real beauty starts outside

Admiring glances? A LUME Traveler rarely goes unnoticed. Design lovers pulling out their cameras for… well, can this still be called a caravan? It’s a question of… exclusivity.

In love with your hotel room

There’s nothing more relaxing than coming home to your own hotel room.

Culinary freedom

All the space you need to show your most relaxed self in the chef-quality kitchen.

Sleeping under a thousand and one stars

Getting tired of the starry sky? You can always close the convertible roof…

Redefine luxury with the Lume Traveler

Follow your own path

Stay off the beaten track. It happens naturally. You only have to choose the place.

Experience the lightness of life

If you know what you want, you don’t need much to be happy.

On the road to new encounters

A Traveler never stays in one place for long. Follow us on social media and let us know where to meet you! #LumeOnTour