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Overwhelming nature, delicious food and the Northern Lights. Glaciers, high mountains and deep valleys. Rugged, pure and… hip-to-the-bone. That’s Scandinavia. Where the right of public access gives you all the freedom to come face to face with an elk one moment or discover a design classic in its natural habitat the next.


Deliciously fragrant lemon trees that give their flavour to the experience of the real Italy. From the Amalfi Coast to the emerald sea off Vibo Valentia. Once there, why not visit the mythical Tropea: founded by the brave Hercules and loved by foodies from all over the world for its powerful gastronomic tradition.


The sea calls to you, and a wondrous coast awaits in Croatia. Where fresh fish and seafood, Muscatel wine and fragrant truffles caress the palate of many a gourmet, and clear blue waters, shell-shaped beaches, medieval towns and architectural gems seduce even the most spoilt pair of eyes…


Steep mountain passes, impressive valleys and crystal-clear mountain lakes silently alternate with iconic Zurich, stylish St. Moritz and relaxed Locarno. Where are we? Switzerland, of course. With its own unique style in summer, perhaps even more beautiful than ever.

All the freedom in the world to be yourself

The environment in which you find yourself at your best. Happy together and one with nature.
Totally yourself in the finest of companies. That’s how good freedom feels.

The road is your destination

Accept the promise of extraordinary destinations and inspiring people. Along the Amalfi Coast. In the charming villages of Provence. Or maybe Bilbao, where you can enjoy the Guggenheim after a hamaiketako?

Looking afar while staying nearer to yourself than ever. With LUME, you give shape to your own world.​


Free to get away from it all

How wonderful! The thought of endless days full of… nothing but freedom! That’s all you need to celebrate life as it was meant to be. Watching the evening come, with a tranquil mind, gazing at the same spot on a beautiful horizon.

Instant relaxation. Enjoyment with no limits. Isn’t freedom the greatest luxury there is?

Pure design

In love with Lume

“We value luxury in unusual design combined with excellent workmanship. The Lume is perfectly planned, you can live generously without lacking space. Our Traveler arouses great interest wherever we go. Our enthusiasm is great there!”

Andrea Stigler
LT 540 Nordic

”I think I should make a LUME Blog. We love it! I haven’t seen so many stars at night before.”

LT 360 No.1

On the road to new encounters

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