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The Designer’s Story

Ready for the luxury of freedom at every moment? Feel Free

‘It was my dream to get off the beaten track and discover the most beautiful places in Europe. Not with a tent or a caravan, but with all the comfort of a hotel suite. Sleeping under the stars – in the best bed in the world. And being able to prepare some of the most delightful local delicacies outdoors – on a full-fledged cooker. That dream has come true. And not just for me. Because beauty tastes even better in company, as more people find out about one of these three LUME Travelers that make the world a little more beautiful’.

– Hein van de Laar

Timeless travel in your own style

Your suite is ready for you

Wherever you are, there’s nothing like coming home to your own personal ambiance and getting a good night’s rest in your own beautiful bed.

A bed with a view

When you lie down and look at the sky through the convertible roof, you immediately know what we mean by a 1000-star holiday…

A foodies favourite

A finger-licking kitchen. And plenty of time to savour the best that any region has to offer.

The LUME way

The quirky LUME Traveler is a striking choice. Because of its 100% Dutch design. And it’s quality. Because you travel in style. Because it’s made for and by people who know what they really want. Choosing their own path. Not necessarily the beaten path. Lucky for them… Lucky for us…