Lume Traveler


Ready for the ultimate 1000-star holiday?
These are the models

LT360 No.1 – The Original

The first and most compact Traveler that makes no concessions to either style or comfort.

LT540 No.1- The Complete

Mature yet exciting. The LT540 has it all.

LT540 – The Nordic

For enjoying the outdoor life 365 days a year.

LT360 No.1 Dreaming big through the open roof

The LT360 No.1 stands for sleeping under the stars on a top mattress. Small but very classy and more than complete.

LT540 No.1 The art of outdoor cooking and enjoyment​

The ultimate joy of a chef-quality outdoor kitchen and all the beautiful things the LT540 No.1 provides.

LT540 Nordic Travelling all year round

An indoor spot for the full-fledged kitchen while still retaining the outdoor feeling? The Nordic makes this possible.

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